Hair wash and Blow dry

Hair wash and blow-drying your hair can give you a more controlled style. It can also take a long time and damage your hair. Air-drying is healthier but can leave you with wet hair for hours. It’s up to you to decide which hair-drying method suits your lifestyle. Here are some facts and ideas to help you choose

Allowing your hair to blow freely in the wind can cause it to knot, creating even more potential for split ends. Finally, going out into freezing temperatures with wet hair can cause it to freeze and break.

You should decide on a daily basis what is best for your hair. When you need to dry your hair, decide whether you can take the time to blow-dry carefully or if you can afford to have wet hair while it air dries. If you choose to blow-dry, try not to overheat or stress the strands. If you air-dry, protect your hair from tangles without over brushing.

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