Hair Lamination Treatment

Hair lamination treatment is getting more and more popular. You can have it done at a hair salon. It is sometimes called the last resort for dull, damaged hair. Lamination involves covering the hair with a thin layer of a laminate which is mostly gelatin, keratin or oils.

What is the purpose of hair lamination?

The main aim is protecting the hair against loss of moisture and damage e.g. caused by the sunlight or toxins. This was the idea during the first attempts to perform the treatment. Today, we go for hair lamination to make our hair silky smooth, soft and shiny. The treatment is chosen as a remedy for frizzy hair, a straightening method, for easier brushing and beautifying.

Hair lamination benefits:

  • nicer to the touch and smooth hair
  • an intensified hair shine
  • softness and elasticity
  • sealing cuticles which protect the hair
  • the right hydration and nourishment
  • keeping hair ends from splitting
  • no more hair frizz or tangles
  • easier detangling

How does hair lamination work?

The concept of hair lamination was derived from a different area than the hairdressing yet the rule of working is the same.

Hair is covered with a special material (a professional product or a home mixture) which creates an invisible, protective layer. Hair lamination works, not weighing strands down. The laminate closes cuticle scales, delivers smoothness and is like a protective shield for the strands. It both saves from damage and locks water in hair. Using keratin or gelatin aims at ensuring hair repair. After all, these are proteins which make up the hair hence must be used for the repairing process.

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